Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bobblehead | Latest Christmas Hamper Idea For Kids

By Daniel V Lee

As a teacher, I face a dilemma every Christmas. We have this tradition that the class teacher has to decide on a common Christmas gift every year for her class. The gifts are eventually funded by the school but the instruction is to make them meaningful & unique for the kids. Also, there is a limitation on the price. Not surprisingly, I and my fellow teachers end up giving soft toys or chocolates every year. This year, we decided to do something different. One of the teachers found this latest Christmas hamper idea of customized bobblehead dolls on the Internet.

Kids simply adore bobblehead dolls. I teach a kindergarten class and the little kids actually try to imitate these bobblehead dolls a lot of times in my class. So, I am really excited about this latest Christmas gift idea. Here's what I have thought - I am going to have the image of Santa on the bobblehead dolls for the kids of my class. And image is not the only way you can customize these dolls - you can also put your own messages.

This is the way I am going to create twenty different dolls for my students. Each of these dolls will have a personal message from Santa for these kids. I am going to use the names of the kids and maybe the names of their parents on these dolls to create something unique for everyone.

I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of the kids when they receive these dolls. I am hoping that all of them will put these personal dolls by their bedsides. I hope their parents will appreciate this Christmas gifts online too. This year Santa is going to gift them a bobblehead doll of him with a unique message for each one of them!

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