Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The American Way of Celebrating Thanksgiving Day

U.S. tradition associates the holiday with a feast that the Pilgrims would be celebrated in 1621 when, in Plymouth, Massachusetts had established a settlement (see Plymouth Colony): after the expedition of the Mayflower from Europe failed harvest. Then, according to this theory, with the help of Mohawk Indians, and after an Indian Summer, in November could still be harvested, followed the first celebration of Thanksgivingday. The form would be a return to the example of celebrating the Relief of Leiden, as it is during the stay in Leiden from 1609-1621 year had witnessed: the thanksgiving service in St. Peter's Church and the meal [1]. Still, the Thanksgiving Service The English version of "Holy Spirit" sung the same tune.

Many of the stories about the American Thanksgiving are myths that have arisen in the late 19th and early 20th century in an attempt to create an overall national identity in the aftermath of the Civil War and into the melting pot of new immigrants.

Especially the original population, the various Indian tribes, not currently see this holiday as a day when we should be grateful, but sees it as the beginning of a tragic process thereby lost their land themselves, and their population was decimated. Every year on Thanksgiving Day Wampanoags and other Indians coming together in Plymouth to commemorate their "national mourning."


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