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Several “Must” Stuffs during the Christmas Time

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will find many churches in a Christmas Eve service instead. It is often one of the busiest years of the church services in many churches.

Christmas Speech

On Christmas Day to various heads of state and monarchs often a Christmas speech broadcast on radio and television. Today on the internet to see. In the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix reads from Huis Ten Bosch in a Christmas message. The Pope is in Rome to St. Peter's Basilica a Christmas speech, gave his blessing and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas in over sixty different languages.


The poinsettia is directly attributable to the Christmas story, as in the Gospel of Matthew describes. The Star of Bethlehem, the place where the King of the Jews would be born. The three wise men of Matthew were to follow the star to the baby Jesus from King Herod to visit the birthplace of Herod then reveal that the child was slain. The wise men did not return to Herod, so they gave the order to the Infanticide in Bethlehem so the prophesied Messiah would die here. The Savior of the Jewish people would be as forthcoming reign, Herod and considered it a threat to its influence. This is the origin of this star kwaadschikse theologically determined.

The lighting of candles and other light has also much to old pre-Christian midwinter traditions it. Even if the plant is Euphorbia pulcherrima poinsettia known for its red flowers that look like a star.

The Magi

A direct representation of the Christmas story are the cribs that especially in Catholic countries are produced. These are of varied materials and sizes. Also nativity with live animals and people come for. The presence of the ox and ass in the stable has no biblical origin. They were placed there because of the meaning of the Old Testament where the prophet Isaiah says: The ox and ass know better than their master Israel. That of the shepherds with their sheep in the Gospel is based, as well as the three Wise Men from the east (see also Twelfth Night & Mat. 2:1-18). The decor of the Christmas story is often adapted to local conditions. In the Netherlands and Belgium means that a wintry, harsh environment. Furthermore, in the Holy Land also snowing and freezing, although it is rather zeldaam.

Stable or cave

The nativity is an idea of Francis of Assisi in 1223 the idea was a live nativity scene in the village of Greccio (Italy) to set up. The idea comes from the translation of the Gospel of Luke, which says that Jesus was laid in a manger, because there was no room at the inn. The location of a manger is the stable, which seems a logical choice as the inn is full. Especially Catholic families out of the stall at Christmas attic.

Another tradition, let the birth take place in a cave. This data goes back to Justin Martyr (± 150 AD) who wrote: "Because nothing could be found for Joseph to spend the night, but while he was a cave near Bethlehem. Justin is based on Isaiah (33.16): "He will live in a cave high on a strong rock". This sentence involves Justin on Jesus. Who makes a cave of rock paper follows Justin.

Although the traditions differ significantly, their origins are not necessarily contradictory. In the Middle East were at that time and later caves indeed used as a barn (for the rest of a long schaapsherderdag): there were even entire houses and even villages that were carved into rocks.

For the time Francis had pictures of the Christmas scene is often two-dimensional and it was the usual cave environment as depicted.


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