Thursday, August 5, 2010

The General Principles of Promoting Modesty

Modesty is an attitude aimed at moderating and tempering the external actions; means contained within certain limits, according to social conventions or personal. It is also the quality of humility, lack of vanity or conceit.

The specific practices of modesty vary between cultures, ages and groups of people. The standard of modesty has different characteristics, with a move to harness the individual in society as it can be judged by it when it exceeded its behavior.

The general principles of promoting modesty prevent excessive attention to oneself, limiting the actions and attitudes to instill less selfish behavior. Sometimes, modesty is often confused with shyness and simplicity.

This virtue is generally understood as a very demure and somewhat inhibited by the expressions of himself is a modest man that takes pride in their property or powers, this virtue is considered not to hurt his neighbor with a defiance that may cause damage.


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