Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Home of Fittonia Albivenis

Fittonia albivenis is a species of the genus of Fittonia (Fittonia) in the family of Acanthus (Acanthaceae).


Fittonia albivenis is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows on the ground crawling. The leaves are ovate to oblong, 7 to 10 cm long and are dark green with conspicuous white stripes along the leaf veins.

There are also forms in which the venation is colored crimson. The yellow flowers are in terminal spikes.

Distribution and location

The home of Fittonia albivenis is located in tropical South America. Their range extends over Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and northern Brazil .

The plant loves warmth and high humidity. Even at winter temperatures below +16 ° C, the plants can be damaged.


The description below the currently valid name of the English botanist Fittonia albivenis Richard Kenneth Brummitt was published in 1979 . Adelaster synonyms albivenis Lindl. ex hort.

Veitch, Fittonia argyroneura Coem., Fittonia verschaffeltii (Lem.) Van Houtte, Fittonia verschaffeltii var argyroneura (Coem.) rule and Gymnostachyum verschaffeltii Lem ..

Above all, the name Fittonia verschaffeltii is still often in use.


The leaves of this kind are in the northwestern part of the Amazon region prepared as a tea and used in dental pain.


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