Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Magnoliofite

The Magnoliofite (or Magnoliophyta) are a wide division of plants are also known under the name of Angiosperms (or Angiospermae). The International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) allows for taxa above the family, regardless of use descriptive names as traditional Angiospermae or regularly derived from a kind "type" as Magnoliophyta, derived from the genus Magnolia.

Appeared in the Cretaceous (about 130 million years ago), the angiosperms have quickly supplanted the ferns and gymnosperms.

Part of Division of Magnoliofite about 300,000 plant species, grasses, trees, shrubs and Lianos. Plants are now more widespread and important, both ecologically and economically.

The Magnoliofite differ because their seeds are enclosed in a fruit, which protects and facilitates the dissemination. Angiospermae descriptive name means "protected seed (from the Greek αγγειον, receptacle, and σπερμα, seed)).

The flower of Magnoliofite is more complex than the Pinofite (which, in fact, is often regarded as a mere complex of sporophyll since it has no specialized structures characteristic of conventional flowers), which share the first play through seeds. The Magnoliofite are distinguished by the presence of tracheae true combined with larger channels and specialist "elements of the vessels, which make more efficient water transportation, and for being the only division that includes herbaceous plants in the true sense . Moreover, the angiosperms have the phenomenon of double fertilization.

The angiosperms arose as zoophilic pollination specialist plants. However, during evolution, many of them have returned to pollination by non-biological agents, especially the wind. The flowers are then become small, numerous and inconspicuous. The pollen has appeared independently in many groups of angiosperms and monocots (Poaceae) and dicots (eg Salicaceae, Fagaceae)

Source: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnoliophyta

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