Monday, August 23, 2010

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Every country or ethnicity has its own traditions. Traditions are especially important when it comes to life events such as weddings.

In Mexico, wedding traditions can include many things. In some cities of northern Mexico, there is the tradition of giving a ring called "of promise" that occurs before the ring of commitment. The ring is generally for long engagements, which are common in this area.

As for the music, mariachis may replace organ music but the brides' march is usually played on the organ.

Mexican weddings tend to be large with many attendants. The attendants are called madrinas and padrinos and they have special roles in the wedding.

The flower girl and ring bearer are dressed as miniature versions of the bride and groom. The madrina de ramo carries flowers for the Virgin Mary. The madrina de laso carries a jeweled or beaded rope that is placed around the couple as they say their vows, to symbolize their union.

The bridegroom often offers the bride thirteen coins. The madrina de arras holds the thirteen coins that the bridegroom presents to the bride.......

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