Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cleavers

Cleavers (Galium aparine) is a species of sterbladigenfamilie (Rubiaceae). The plant gets its name from the fact that stuck to everything along strokes. This is because of the many hooks that the stem and the fruits are bur.

The leaves are broadest above the middle. They are also eennervig. The leaves are in whorls of seven distributed. The leaves cling to some extent, but the stem sticks after the fruits. The stem is swollen at the tips.

The flowering period of cleavers from May to October. Cleavers than small inconspicuous white flowers. These flowers are 2 mm in diameter. Flowers emerge from these small fruits with many hooks on it. The fruits are two to two and 6-8 mm. The fruits are purple or green.

The fruits have more hooks than the stem. This leaves them hanging in the coat of furry animals, including almost all mammals. Thus the fruit long distances, making bur occurs in many places.

Adhesive Spice is thus disseminated by furry animals. This puts it in many places. Herb adhesive can be in the sun or shade to grow. Bur grows best in areas with nutrient-rich moist soil. So there are less vigorous plants drifted. Bur often grows among nettles, cow parsley and nettle.


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