Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Timothy-grass

The Timothy-grass (Phleum pratense) is a species of the genus of timothy grass within the family of grasses. It is also called Timothy, is also often found in the trade as a bird or cat grass.

The Timothy-grass is a perennial, forming loose clumps grass. It is rare foothills. The height of the hollow blades is 30 to 100 centimeters. The stem has three to five knots and it tastes sweet. The leaf blade is hellblaugr√ľn and is three to eight millimeters wide and 60-40 inches long. The ligule (ligule) to the upper leaves is 5 millimeters long. The Timothy-grass, has a length of up to 30 centimeters Schein√§hre which is bent upright or weak. The individual spikelets are three to four millimeters long and are whitish-blue-green, rarely purple crowded.

The flowering period extends from June to September.

As the site of meadows, pastures, lawns and roadsides are preferred. Rare woods and also a pioneer plant in Weed Societies (ruderal). The Timothy-grass loves nutrient-rich, moderately moist, medium to heavy soils.

The species is widespread in the temperate northern hemisphere.

In Germany there is the kind of common and rises in the Black Forest up to 1490 meters and in the Alps at 1650 meters. In Austria, it is common in all states. Is often cultivated.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiesen-Lieschgras
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