Friday, June 25, 2010

Muscari (Budouhiashinsu)

Muscari with the Department of Yuri (the hyacinth family classification system), the genus Muscari (Muscari) of plants collectively. The scientific name or narrowly to M. neglectum Muscari said.

50 Muscari species distributed in the heart of the Mediterranean - some 60 species.

Garden plant
Muscari spp Some garden plants are cultivated as well, generally of a plant the bulbs blooming in early March from late April. The flowers look like grapes and look. Budouhiashinsu an alternate name for this reason.

Musk derives its name from the Greek (moschos), and musk (musk) is that. But bright blue flowers, white paper, and cobalt can also be seen. Very open petals. Planting bulbs is not enough offense, even with a few years, dig up a good fall, if possible. Also easy to grow plants without a lot of pests and diseases. And effective as a carpet plant as many colorful spring flowers. On the market in Japan, since about 30 years ago, is a popular variety in recent years, such as routinely seen around the park.

* Origin: Southwest Asia or the Mediterranean region.
* Meaning of flowers: Love generous, bright future, communicate with hearts, disappointment, and despair is quite the opposite meaning.

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