Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Field Gentian Flowering Periods

The field gentian (Gentianella campestris, Synonym: Gentiana campestris) is an annual overwintering plant that belongs to the gentian family (Gentianaceae). The plant is found on moderately wet to fairly dry, kalrijke land in grassland and dune valleys. The plant is protected by law: the species is on the Dutch Red List of plants as very rare and very much reduced.

The plant is 3-30 cm high and has a grooved or winged stems. The root and lower stem leaves are inversely ovate to spatulate or ovate to oblong. The upper leaves are lanceolate and have a wide foot.

Field Gentian blooms from August until the autumn usually violet, flowers 2-2,5 cm wide, are also sometimes white or yellowish white flowers. The calyx and corolla usually fours. The two outer sepals lips are much wider than the two inner and the throat of the corolla is the inside bore. Because these two features distinguish the field gentian itself from the other species.

The fruit is a capsule.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veldgentiaan

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