Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mice Barley

Kruipertje (Hordeum murinum), or mice barley, is a wild annual or perennial in the grass family (Poaceae). The species is common on nutrient rich soils along roads and on walls. The city is growing the plant between pavers and paving stones. It is a typical urbanofiele plant, a plant that the bulk of his spread in urban or industrial environments, which hardly occurs elsewhere.

The plant is 15-60 cm high and has many kinks in ascending or erect stems. The 20 cm long clear light green leaves are bald or slightly hairy and have an inflated uppermost sheath. On each sheet is a fine point. The ligule (tongue) is very short and ringed. There are also ears present.
Ligule with ears

The plant blooms from June until autumn with a spike inflorescence. The ear is green, and quite close switch 5-9 cm long. There are three groups of spikelets formed. Only the middle-desk is fertile and slightly larger than the other two, the zijaartjes are sterile or male. It has fertile Aartje lanceolate, bewimperde kelkkafjes. The outer kelkkafje the form of a needle. The lower husk (lemma) has a 5 cm long Awn. Kelkkafjes zijaartjes of the brush are shaped hairs. The fruit is a fruit crop.
Raster electron microscopic pictures of the hair of the kruipertje

In other languages:

· German: Maus-Barley

· English: Wall Barley

· French: Orge des rats


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