Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas Gift-Giving for the Office

By Mark Strong

The Christmas holiday is probably the most festive time of the year. It is at this time that traditions are honored and when generations of families enjoy time together. The giving of christmas gifts is a part of this tradition and this tradition extends beyond the home to the workplace.

Gift giving in the workplace is a way of letting your colleagues, clients and employer know that the business relationship shared is important you. It is however, not risk-free and care must be taken to prevent sending the wrong message or hurting any ones feelings. There are a few unspoken rules when faced with this situation.

Avoid giving any gifts that is inappropriately expensive or personal while in the office environment. If you feel the desire to be extravagant, then this person may be more of a friend and the exchange should left for outside of the work environment to avoid feelings of favoritism. It is important to choose a gift that your colleague will enjoy, so purchase based on hobbies or preferences.

If your co-worker is a sports fan, consider getting something sports related; tickets to a game or sports memorabilia. If you are not sure of what your colleague may like, just be sure to choose a gift from a store they like, a gift certificate or an christmas gifts online card may be nice. Another option would be to select a gift that is simply appropriate. You may for example, choose to get your employer a pen set, an organizer or personalized stationery.

It is also quite acceptable to give gifts to those who don't celebrate the Christmas hampers season in exactly the same way you do. Greeting cards or e gift cards are again the perfect choice. It may contain something less "Christmassy" like "Seasons Greetings", "Happy Holidays" or "Compliments of the Season" for example. When you buy gift cards online your co-worker can redeem them at a time of their choosing and to choose something based on either their need or desire at that particular time.

The time should be taken to have the gift wrapped. Gift wrapping sometimes says much about the gift. In many cultures, the wrapping of the gift itself, is very symbolic. It heightens anticipation, is part of a time-honoured tradition and demonstrates the care in choosing as well as points to you as on organized and neat individual.

This time of the year inspires feelings of appreciation and contentment. Avoid purchasing gifts at discounts and dollar stores. It appears cheap and may send the wrong impression to your colleagues or employer. Try to minimize homemade items, unless you are certain of how your gift would be received.

Overall, in your gift giving and choosing, keep the spirit of the season alive and give from the heart.

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