Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personalised Car Number Plates – The Perfect Christmas Gift This Festive Season

Christmas is rapidly approaching and its time once again for the annual scramble to find a special present for loved ones and friends. How about this year giving a Christmas present that can be enjoyed everyday, for life, is incredibly personal and totally unique? Well if this sounds too good to be true then most people probably haven’t considered giving a personal number plate as Christmas ideas for a gift this festive season.

To coin an old saying “a number plate isn’t just for Christmas, it’s yours for life”. Car registrations can be enjoyed all year round and are easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle so whenever your upgrade your car, your number plate can go with you. Registration numbers can also be purchased on DVLA certificates so even if you don’t have a vehicle to put it on you can still secure that special registration today. A personal registration is the ideal Christmas present ideas for the motor mad enthusiast and will give their pride and joy (apart from you!) the finishing touch it deserves.

Before starting to search, one may ask “what makes a good number plate?” Name plates such as RO 55 (Ross), RU55 ELL (Russell) and surname plates such as BOO 77H (Booth) are highly sought after and are the ultimate indulgence when it comes to number plates. Many cheaper options can be found by searching for people’s initials or birthdays. To search for personalised number plates search on over 30 million vehicle registrations in the UK. Many people actually buy a matching pair of car registrations, A1 ABC and B1 ABC for example, which make the perfect gift for mums and dads or any other couple. Additionally, people can finish their gift off by adding a set of acrylic number plates to their order which can be customised with borders, badges and 3D text. They might find it tricky to disguise them under the tree but they complete the gift to perfection.

Car registrations make great investments as well and are one of the only aspects of motoring that actually goes up in value. A registration number bought today will be worth a lot more in years to come providing a nest egg for the future or a great family asset that can be passed on to younger generations. It’s wise to remember that once a registration is sold the chances of it returning to the market are slim so when you see the perfect one, its best to secure it before someone else does.

Private registrations are the ideal personal gift and are totally unique. Give your loved one a break from the norm and forget about giving books, board games and bottles of Bordeaux . A personal number plate is the perfect Christmas gift ideas to give this festive season.

Source : http://www.articlecity.com/articles/auto_and_trucks/article_2100.shtml


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