Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unusual Useful Christmas Gifts for Men

By Brad Marc

Is Christmas gift shopping for your boyfriend, husband or anyone you like becoming increasingly difficult each year? Have you run out of ideas? Has your budget shrunken? Well, never lose heart for here are some smashing gifts of this year that will make a statement and strike the right cord with your man!

Men like to have things that they can use and show off. They like gadgets, new cool technological stuffs, repair tools, sports accessories, something that tickles the brains or something out-rightly whacky. This is what you will dig into for picking up gifts for men.

Gadget such as digital luggage scale is a very handy item for men who travel a lot with bulky luggage. Credit card sized torch is a again a slim and useful gift. A very simple yet thoughtful gift can be a USB number lock that protects the data from falling into wrong hands.

A universal phone charger is out of the ordinary christmas hamper delivery which will not fail to fascinate your recipient. The future of mobile charging, this charger has 9 interchangeable ports and caters for brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPhone and even iPod!

For the men who love unconventional travelling, away from human inhabitation, a digital compass or an all round performance multipurpose wrist watch can be a good, pricey yet unusual gift. Wireless earphones, portable speakers and high technology clocks are just the things you can gift to a camper male friend.

Guys have a soft corner for tools. They crave and drool for it. A multifunctional all in one handheld tool can come handy in crisis. An elegant gift can be a wine set with a stopper and pourer. Colored cable identifier dots and movie peg for iPad are small but really good gifts.

Talking of wine, got a friend who loves the taste of fermented barley and malt? What better than a a box of chosen lagers from around the world. You could also present a whacky compilation of some of the famous drinking games of the world. It doesn't end there. There are specific gift hampers for beer and wine lovers which consist of the wine or beer and the right savory item that goes with it. What bliss....

Want more sophistication? Get him a deluxe decanter lever, corkscrew or a desk organizer. Even a desktop football is not a bad choice. If your friend or husband loves barbequing, nothing better than a funny fire bucket barbeque!

A totally new dimension of gift giving is gifting a holiday or a sensual massage or ticket to his favourite game or gifting passes to some adventure sport such as bungee jumping, quad biking, karting, kayaking, etc. These kinds of christmas gifts will come forth as being very thoughtful and very entertaining too.

So here was a vast array of gifts. Hope it sparks something in your mind to gift the perfect, unusual Christmas gift for your friend or hubby.

For more information on gifts for men, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the christmas gifts!

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