Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corporate Gifts For Every Occasion

When giving corporate gifts, it's important to match the gift to both the occasion and the recipient. Is your gift intended for a member of your staff, or for a client or other business associate? Are you giving the gift to mark a business-related event, or to celebrate an important occasion in the personal life of one of your associates? Or are you simply giving out holiday gifts for Christmas or the New Year? Choosing gifts that are appropriate for both the recipient and the occasion is an important skill to master, as your gifts will be appreciated all the more when you've put some extra thought into them. There is an extensive variety of Christmas corporate gifts available, so it's usually quite easy to find the right gift for the occasion.

For Employees

Choosing corporate products for your employees usually means selecting items that have some relation to the type of work they do. An attractive piece of luggage for an employee who travels regularly is a great idea, while an executive who often works with overseas clients will appreciate a world time clock that can display the time in any country. More casual gifts might include a package of items such as a mouse mat, calendar, pens, and a coffee mug for a new member of staff.

For Clients

Corporate business gifts for clients may take a slightly different turn. You may prefer to give items that are not necessarily business-related. A personal MP3 player or similar gadget for a client who travels might be more suitable than a piece of luggage, for example. Golfing-related gifts are often a good choice-golf is a time-honored way of forging and cementing business relationships, and there are some great options for golfing gifts. Leather golfing gloves or tee and marker sets are items that are sure to please.

For Special Events

Choosing the right gift also requires you consider the occasions when you will give them. Business-related gifts are more appropriate for business-related occasions, whereas you'll give more personal gifts to clients or employees who are celebrating an event in their personal life. Two popular gifts for employees, for example, are a pen set or a bottle of wine. An attractive pen set is an ideal corporate gift to present to a valued employee, but the bottle of wine would be more appropriate as a celebration gift.

Inexpensive Ideas

If your budget is limited, it's quite possible to give corporate promotional gifts that are less expensive without causing offense. Personalizing your gifts can be an advantage here. For example, if you have a client who really loves gourmet coffee, consider giving a coffee mug with a selection of gourmet coffee and biscuits, and package the items in a Christmas gift basket. An attractive photo frame is a good choice for an employee who has recently been married or celebrated the birth of a child-they can add a photo to commemorate the occasion and your gift will provide a reminder both of the event and of your thoughtfulness in giving the item.

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