Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas - 5 Tips For Perfect Present Buying

Do you still enjoy Christmas? Is Christmas too commercial? Do you take care in buying Christmas present ideas?

Christmas Gifts Fun

I still get a lot of pleasure from finding a present that is exactly right. I think about the person and what interests them and what they need and they I buy something that I hope will get that reaction of "That's just what I wanted!" When a family member or friend exclaims with those words and means it with honesty and pleasure I get a big glow of satisfaction.Look for something that is fun first and foremost.

Buying Sensible Presents

My mum always used to buy me something sensible. Something I really needed something that would make my life easier. One year she bought me a very rare 'stamp box' which contained one 1st class stamp - I was always asking her if she had a spare stamp. I still have that box and it makes me laugh every time I open it (the original note in mum's handwriting is still inside. I like to get socks but not handkerchiefs, I like multi-tools but not penknives and I most definitely like wine glasses but not mugs.

Buy something sensible but only if they need it. The New Year - Try Something New

We all fall into habits of what we think people are about and therefore tend to latch onto one trait or interest and buy accordingly. I enjoy watching Rugby Union but I don't want to read about it. I also like cats but I don't want endless cat pictures. Strive to find the thing that really pushes their buttons and purchase something that will expand that interest. By the same token think about what something that they may have expressed an interest in, something that may open their eyes to something new. Explore the gifts that will get them out of a rut.

Christmas is History

We all have a perfect picture of what Christmas gift ideas should look like when we first catch site of all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Some of the family will not want something new.

They'll want the same sort of things every year. I would be screaming "Not More Socks!" and they'll be saying "What a lovely pair of M&S size nines." So being aware of Christmas present history is also important. Some people just have to have the same thing every year. Don't disappoint them. Christmas is Personal I once read that the most important sound in the world is the sound of your own name. We love it don't we especially when certain people call our name. We take it for granted.

What I like more and more is to find gifts that I can personalise in some way. I particularly like to find new ways of putting their name into the gift.

Personalised Christmas gifts are getting more and more common. I also love things like caricatures and spoof magazines but even a great football gift can be personalised. Christmas idea cards are really fun when you can put your name into them and send them off. I've also seen a move to making personalised wine & spirit labels that any adult would love, not just for Christmas.


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