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Christmas Gifts for Glamorous Grannies

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Christmas Gifts for Glamorous Grannies at Find Me A Gift
Most people dread getting older, what with the inevitable onset of grey hairs and wrinkles. Some however try to defy the laws of gravity and attempt to push back the years with a little surgery here and a little filler there. Then there are those who embrace the aging process with open arms and choose to grow old gracefully. Take for example Joanna Lumley, who not only looks absolutely fabulous, but has also won this year's 'Oldie of the Year', thanks to her campaign for the Ghurkhas. Not to mention Dame Helen Mirren hitting the front pages only a couple of years ago. But not for her Oscar win, but for totally rocking a red bikini on holiday!

Glamorous grannies are headline news, and that includes yours! So this year why not get some wonderful Christmas presents for her from We have got pages of amazing gifts for all glamorous grannies, no matter how many grey hairs and wrinkles, sorry laughter lines, they may or may not have Christmas gift ideas.

If your gran stays awake at night worrying about getting older, why not treat her tired eyes to the Eye Massager. The Eye Massager is an ingenious mask which uses a combination of three therapies to help combat stress, migraines and headaches as well as reducing wrinkles and baggy/puffy eyes! The mask uses 1 x AA battery and has an elastic, Velcro head strap and will fit all adult heads. By popping on this marvellous Massager mask your gran can pamper her eyes and induce a state of deep relaxation – perfect for a peaceful night's sleep.

That's her eyes taken care of, now for the rest of her! The Bomb Cosmetics Large Yellow Gift Set - Handmade Soap, Bath Bombs and Bath Melt is a heavenly scented gift set which is perfect for your divine grandmother! This gorgeous set comprises of a 'Hot Sensation Soap' which contains a powerful synergy of Ylang Ylang and Chamomile essential oils, which will revive and energise her inner soul. The Fantasy Island Bath Blaster is a fusion of Orchid fragranced veggie bath pearls, real pineapple and goji berries, which are famed for their anti-oxidant properties. The Milk and Honey Bath Brulee Bath Melt has been blended with soothing Chamomile, Ylang Ylang Flower and Lavender flower essential oils, which together release a wonderfully relaxing scent. Finally, the Heart Bath Blaster consists of a steamy concoction of exotic oils, including Coconut and Geranium Flower Oil – when your grandma drops this into the bath she'll soon find herself drifting off to some desert island is that Mr Darcy greeting her with a cocktail in hand, or your granddad with a cup of tea?!

Grannies tend to be more active when they retire, than when they were at work. Forget the crochet club and bowls, these days they're more likely to be seen twirling on the dance floor, curling on the ice, climbing the 3 Peaks Challenge or running a marathon! If that sounds like your super gran then the Gelicity G Spa Foot Soak is just the top treat for her tired, aching feet.

The Gelicity G Spa Foot Soak is a luxurious spa foot treatment in a sachet for Christmas present. You get three sachets of Foot Soak and three sachets of Dissolving Powder. Simply empty the contents of the Foot Soak sachet into water and it will turn into a beautifully scented gel spa foot soak. It contains peppermint and menthol which will revive your senses as well as soothing your tired tootsies. As you sit back and relax it will relieve aching muscles and joints, get rid of bacteria and dead skin cells.

Thanks to all these terrific beauty treatments, your much loved grandma will feel like a new woman again and therefore probably want to go out and trip the light fantastic. In which case why not let her pirouette down the parade with a Parasol Umbrella! These graceful Parasol Umbrellas look just like an elegant Edwardian parasol. They are available in Pink, Ivory, Red and Black and all feature a black hooked handle with a black tassel decoration. Velcro fastening will keep this stylish parasol neat and tidy, when not in use. This chic Parasol will protect your grandmother from both the rain and the sunshine, whilst at the same time making her look, every inch the glamorous granny that she is!

However old your dear granny may be, why not get some superb Christmas gifts for her from sure beats just a spit and polish as your granddad would say!

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