Monday, October 4, 2010

Using Australian Native Wildflowers in Arrangements

Melbourne florist, Francine Rizza says she loves the unique textures, interesting shapes and amazing colours of Australian native wildflowers. Francine says as a florist she is inspired by the uniqueness of these flowers and often teams them with vividly coloured foliages such as Leucadendrom, which provides deep red and rich gold tones, Dracaena, which provide various colours such as variegated green/gold, green/white combinations and other interesting texture plants such as, Typha Orientalis flowers, [Broad-leaf cumbungi]. Florists are always inspired by something that little different.

Melbourne Florist wholesaler and flower exporter, 'Collina Flowers' is a major supplier of Australian native wildflowers and have a stand at The National Flower Centre Melbourne. Florists from all Melbourne suburbs flock to their stand to purchase an amazing range of wildflowers such as many varieties of Banksia, Anigozanthos, [kangaroo paw], Correas, Callistemon, Erica to name a few as well as wildflowers such as Leucadendrom and Protea which of course are in fact native to South Africa. When men visit our florist you can be pretty sure they will choose to purchase Australian native flowers over most other flowers. Melbourne Florist owner Francine says she teams her wildflowers with a natural container of paperbark or richly coloured palm bark tied with raffia as well as natural look baskets and containers. It gets a great response in our shop presented that way and is always a popular choice with the customers.

Melbourne Florist was the original owner of 'In Vogue Flowers' Kew, Victoria . Francine become renowned for her huge and bountiful flower displays at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show which is held annually in April at the Royal Exhibition Building located in the Carlton Gardens in the Melbourne CBD. Francine says it is a great change for florists to demonstrate their skill and talents in order to promote the florist industry as well as your own reputation as a skilled florist.

Francine has been a florist for many years and has seen the florist industry grow into the high fashion industry that it is today. Long gone are the days when the florists was limited to such flowers as the humble gladioli and Sims carnation. Many brides choose the natural textures of Australian native wildflowers for their weddings and make a unique and refreshing change from the common rose bouquet although roses continue to be popular bridal flowers.

Many corporate clients choose to have wildflowers in their floral displays due to the fact that these flowers have a long vase life.


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