Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corporate Hamper This Christmas?

Christmas time is the ideal opportunity to promote your business to both current and potential clients. Simply giving them a nice small christmas gift, or possibly a Xmas card can often be sufficient to obtain a couple of repeat purchases and also show that they are much more than just an entry on a sales database to your business.

Normally a company will either send a preprinted greeting card, or a mouse mat, pen, t-shirt or other corporate gift which will probably not only seem very impersonal to the client, but will most likely either end up in the bin or chucked in a draw somewhere. Christmas gifts online can help you to send a gifts for all people and for all occasions.

Most of your customers would much rather prefer a Xmas hamper, which not only makes your business look better, but it also makes your customers feel appreciated. A Christmas hamper will have a great deal more impact than a t-shirt with your company logo on without a considerable price increase. A nice presentation box or wicker basket, brimming with wines and luxurious Christmas meals – wouldn’t you love to receive that? As soon as the customer gets the hamper, with your Logo on the packaging and also on the wine labels, it will certainly give a much better, long-lasting impact of your business and ensure a lot more repeat custom. This hampers can also be considered as Christmas corporate gifts.

How about sending a traditional gift hamper to your employees? Show them that they are valued and appreciated by yourself and the company. Increasingly more businesses are starting to give food and wine hampers to staff instead of throwing a Christmas party, especially as we have been going through an economic downturn.

The hamper is less expensive for you compared to the average Xmas party, saves the staff cash as they do not have to spend money on drinks for the night, and provides them a couple of bottles of wine and some festive treats to appreciate in their time off work.

You can usually produce your own hampers by Getting all the contents from the superstore and packing them into attractive wicker containers, however not only can this generally work out costing you more by the time you add the salary for a member of personnel to decide what is bundled, go and buy them and package each of the hampers to the price of the basket and the contents. Not only that but if you purchase a conventional Christmas hamper you have the choice of having personalized wine labeling and boxes and they also look far more professional and luxurious than a “homemade” hamper.

The additional advantage of purchasing company Xmas hampers is that it required hardly any time. Just take a search through the range of premium Christmas hampers readily available and pick the one you consider your clients or staff would like best and tell the company what number of hampers you would like. They will take care of the rest together with delivering the hamper just before the start of the festive time of year meaning you have nothing to worry about.


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