Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Healthy Gift Baskets for Corporate Christmas Gifts


Healthy gift baskets make better Christmas corporate gifts than the usual overpriced assortment of strange snacks in eco-unfriendly and excessive packaging. These are 5 ideas for healthy corporate christmas gift baskets.

Healthy Gift Baskets: Fruit for Corporate Christmas Gifts

I don't like being overcharged for stale popcorn with artificial raspberry flavor, but I think gourmet fruit makes an ideal corporate gift basket. The Williams-Sonoma Tropical Fruit Basket is one of the best. For $99.95 you get almost 10 pounds of exotic fruit including strawberry papaya, mango, South African baby pineapple, Quick Crack coconut, Pepino melons, pineapple guavas (feijoas), tangerines, Key limes and baby bananas. It comes in an attractive wicker basket with a festive holiday bow.

Healthy Gift Baskets: Novelties for Corporate Christmas Gifts

Fill up your corporate gift basket with non-food items that contain no calories or sugar. You could get an assortment of funny refrigerator magnets or any of the items that organizations give away in their conference tote bags like rubber balls and yo-yo's.

Novelty companies like Kipp Toys have a huge assortment of inexpensive items and some have a holiday theme like Santa hats for $1.65 or winter paddle ball games for $3.00 each for the first dozen plus volume discounts on many items.

Healthy Gift Baskets: Gourmet Tins for Corporate Christmas Gifts

There's nothing unhealthy about a little taste of dark chocolate. Try one of Kopper Chocolate's pretty red holiday tins like their dark chocolate covered espresso beans for $10.52 for 12 ounces. They use hand picked Arabica coffee beans and their own semisweet chocolate.

Their cocoa almonds are also $10.52 and feature whole dry roasted almonds drenched in dark chocolate and dipped in cocoa powder.

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