Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Gift For an Expecting Mom

By Merry Samuel

It is that time again - Christmas Season. A season of love and gift giving that everyone love so much. Loved ones painstakingly go hours of shopping looking for that special item that their spouse will love, adore and use it every day. But what about in-laws? What Christmas gift can they get for an expecting mom, that she will love, think of the gift with fondness, brag about it to her friends and neighbors, she will use for at least four or five years?

When a woman is expecting, there is a lot of emotions involved. Everything is treasured as memories, for, well as long as she lives. That is the way a women's brain works. For a husband, a great gift for his expecting wife would be necklace with the baby's birthstone and to add more value, a husband can get matching earrings at the time of the baby's birth. This would be something that your wife will treasure all her life and may be even pass it on to your child to keep. The psychology of gift giving is, that if you give your wife or girl friend jewelry, it means you love her. This is the main sign they will be looking for during the gift giving season, especially when your wife is pregnant.

What about mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and father-in-law? If this first baby your in-law is expecting, it has an added value to the Christmas gift idea. As it's first everything. Buying a crib as a gift is a good idea, as it will be used not only by the first baby but for other babies to come.

Certain items like bottle warmer, baby monitor, feeding bottles, and satin blankets should be avoided by all means. Why? These items are best bought after the baby arrives. Feeding bottles differ from baby to baby; I had to buy twelve different brands before my baby took one particular brand. People did give me bottle warmer that I hardly used as my babies were not picky. Satin blankets, it looks good but it is not good for babies.

What else is there that would make a good Christmas gift basket? How about a stroller? A stroller is something like a crib, will be used for a long time. It makes the life of a mom a lot easier than a crib. Every time she uses the stroller she will think of you. Strollers can be heavy and some are not as durable as they should be. Most parents spend a lot of money on strollers because they try to save money by buying a cheaper stroller but in the end up buying three or four strollers in two to four years. I am guilty of settling for lower priced brand to save money but ended up spending lot more.

It has been four years since my mother-in-law bought peg perego pliko stroller after seeing me go through strollers. She said peg perego is the best of the line and it's very true. I have taken my peg perego pliko stroller all over the world on our travels and it has been the most wonderful blessing as it make sour travel a pleasant one. I think of my mother-in-law every time I use my peg perego pliko stroller. A peg perego pliko stroller will also make a wonderful Christmas gift for an expected mom this Christmas season.

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