Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Are The Hot Christmas Gifts This Year To Give Little Ones?

By Gina Terseo

Winter is the best time of the year. Not only is the year coming to an end, but it is also time for Christmas. It is time to make your Christmas gift list of who you are going to buy gifts for. As you think about what to get these individuals you will to know, what are the hot Christmas gifts this year.

For the little ones on your list that are less than one year you have a lot of options. Babies will not complain if you do not get them what they wanted. A play mat is the most popular option for any infant. The reason for their popularity is that babies can immediately use it. They can lie on their back and look up and play with the different hanging toys.

You will have a lot more options with toddlers. At this stage, children still do not really care what they get as long as it is fun. Stacking puzzle toys are very popular among this age group. They love piling things up and knocking them down or seeing how things come together. Many children are trying to be independent at this stage and may enjoy the Leapfrog TAG Junior Reading System. All the child has to do is press the reading device on the pages and it will make a sound or read the words. Kids love it and it is going to be extremely sought out this year.

For the preschool age child on your list there are some great ones. A popular one to choose is the Zippity High Energy Learning System. High energy is the key phrase with this one. This one is sure to make any child happy. It gets them moving around and at the same time they can see their Disney friends.

When kids get to the age where their personalities are pretty developed and they can actually write their own list the gifts they receive start to matter. Hopefully, you can get them something off that list. In the event you do not have access, the most popular Christmas gift basket item for that age is from Crayola. This brand has a lot of really creative tools to make coloring more fun. You definitely need to check them out. For girls the Bratz dolls are still big. For boys anything that has to do with Transformers and Star Wars will be a hit.

Probably the hardest age group to shop for is the young adults. The ones who know there is no Santa Claus and think they are too old to play with dolls. The pre-teenagers and the teenagers are going to want the most popular gadget they can get. It looks like laptops and digital cameras are going to be pretty big this year. The other popular items are Wii, Xbox, and Playstation.

If you are stuck there is always the option of the Christmas gift idea card. Try to put some thought into this, though. Make sure it is from a store you know that they will shop at. Also, buy a cute little box to put it in. This is the gift that allows the receiver to buy something they really want.

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