Sunday, November 21, 2010

How I Choose Christmas Gifts

By Amy Wu

Christmas, a festival permeated with joy and warm feeling, is soon to arrive. As usual, I have already started selecting gifts for my loved ones because I believe that sending Christmas gifts is not only a tradition, but also an expression of our care and blessings. Unlike many other friends, I hardly feel dazzled by those countless articles on the shelves, because I have my own ways of picking out the most appropriate gifts.

The crucial factor of choosing the right gift is figuring out what the gift receiver really wants. Everyone has his/her preference, the criterion we should refer to when choosing gifts. According to my experience, people who have something in common (age range, sexuality, characteristics, etc.) always have some similar interests as well.

For example, youth are fond of articles in vogue, while elderly are pleased by those that can boost their physical conditions. Females have a fancy for exquisite things, while males do not care much about packing and prefer more practical objects. Extroverts are inclined to be attracted by curious gifts, while introvert are more satisfied to receive less curious ones.

There is another thing that should be taken into consideration when deciding gifts. First, if the gift is for the opposite sex, it ought not to be too personal or be the symbol of love, unless that opposite sex is your sweetheart or someone for whom you are going to confess your love.

For example, because nightgown is quite personal, a boy should not give it as a gift for his female friend in case of being considered frivolous. And since flowers are always given as a show of affection between lovers, it is also improper for a girl to send flowers to a her male friend as a gift.

With all these rules in mind, I have decided my christmas hamper delivery list for this Christmas. For my grandparents, I will send them fish liver oil and wish them good health and a long life. For my parents, I will please them with a handbag and a belt separately. My extrovert female friends will receive waggish handicrafts as gifts while my male friends game CDs, and I am sure all of them will be quite happy. I can also imagine how joyful my introvert friends will be when they are given the books they want to read as gifts.

After figuring out which gifts would be given, the next step is to purchase them. Now it is really convenient to find what we want to buy, especially through internet since there are so many shopping websites growing vigorously. is a pretty good shopping website that I always browse. It provides various goods under different categories, offering us quite a wide range of choices.

This is the way in which I choose and purchase different christmas gifts for people around me. I write it down, hoping it will help you to decide the right gifts and bring happiness to your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming. Here the author wants to share with you a great website for shoping Christmas gifts. Enjoy your wonderful online shopping journey.

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