Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 5 Selling Christmas Gifts For Boys - Take a Look!

By T Urban

A lot of us wonder what the top 5 selling Christmas gifts for boys are. Parents find that either clothes or books are very important gifts for boys as they have some utility. But have you ever asked your son to see what he wants? Boys want quite different gifts than what their parents intend most of the time.

If your son is a teenager, he is by default even more picky. They have some ideas about what kind of gifts they want. Here is a list of the top 5 selling Christmas gift for boys.

Digital Camera

If your son is of the explorer type, then this kind of gift is ideal for him. Digital cameras are wonderful gifts for people who love photography. Not only that, they can also do some recording in that camera. Their first trip or adventure outing can be recorded in this which will become a cherished memory for them when they grow up.


This however does not mean all kinds of T-shirts. Special shirts with unique features in particular are a favorite among a lot of celebrities. This kind of gift has its utility since it will be worn. At the same time, your son will like wearing it, so he will be happy too.

Video Games

Most boys like playing with video games. They identify with the characters in the games and action excites them. This can be a good Christmas gift idea for boys in 2010. The number of video games increases with every passing season. But in 2010, even though you might not be able to buy expensive games, cheap ones like the Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 will impress your son surely.


A lot of boys like to skateboard so this is definitely a great idea to buy as a Christmas gift basket. It is not possible all the time to be near the sea and the sand, but the skateboard helps to overcome this limit. It is therefore a very good idea to gift your son a skateboard this Christmas season.


Shoes are very important to the appearance of a person. Who ever said that boys are not fashionable? Nowadays teenage boys are very cautious about their appearance. You can gift boys shoes but you need to know what kind of shoe will suit the person. There is a thin line between awesome and dorky, remember that.

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