Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melissa and Doug Standing Easel | Top Christmas Hamper For Kids

By D Albert

Holiday season is fast approaching and if you were like me, you would have started preparing the gift list. I just can't buy gifts at the last moment. It creates more stress and I buy a gift where not much thought has gone into it. The Christmas hamper finally ends up being put away after couple of months without much use.

But, for the last two years I have started buying gifts, which stimulate the creative minds of my kids. One gift that stands out among them is the Melissa and Doug Standing Easel. This Easel features a bi-fold wood frame with two art stations, one on each side, which allows two children to work at one time. On one side is a chalkboard, on the other is a dry erase board.

It is an excellent product and I'm one happy parent as it took my kids away from the video game console that they were latched on to. Obviously they haven't completely let go of them but couple of weekends in a month from their Xbox 360 to the Art Easel and I have no complaints.

The Melissa and Doug Standing Easel give the kids the freedom to explore their imagination through drawing and painting. They are provided with the chance to experiment with shapes, colors and various other textures of art. The most important part is that they are thoroughly engrossed in their work. It has also helped my younger kid, who is very playful and energetic, to start focusing on the job at hand and not get distracted with other activities.

It is also an excellent educational item and my kids' love playing school with the chalkboard side. This easel is ideal for kids ages four through ten and has an adjustable height to accommodate the little ones as they grow. They are very easy to set up and can be effortlessly put away if your child wishes to play something different the next moment.

Art can be messy; this easel helps to keep the place neat and tidy when the kids are on their task by providing trays and art boards for holding chalk, pens or markers. Also additional sections for paint cups, brushes and other supplies are provided.

This Easel is very convenient to carry and can be placed indoors or outdoors. They can also be turned into a group activity by making each one in the group draw different aspects of a given subject, comment on it and have fun. Thus making Melissa and Doug Standing Easel a team effort as well as a fun filled activity thereby making it a perfect Christmas gifts online for your child.

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