Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lotso Huggin Bear | The Perfect Christmas Gift

By Frances Bridger

There is no doubt that the release of Toy Story 3 earlier this year by Pixar studios has really shifted everyone's attention towards all the new amazing characters that have been created. These characters have taken the market by storm and the star of the show is definitely Lotso Huggin Bear.

I have no doubt that this cute pink bear will be on the Christmas hamper shopping list of every child across the globe this year. Also known as Lotso Hugging Bear this adorable toy not only talks to you it also smells like strawberries! The functions of the toy are fantastic and every child that comes into contact with this cute bear will immediately want one for themselves.

With this in mind I am sending all parents an early message this year to ensure that they avoid disappointment as the Christmas shopping season draws closer and closer. Believe it or not we are just under twelve weeks away from Christmas Day and as always this time will evaporate before you know it. At the moment Lotso Huggin Bear is in stock and available, but this situation will change significantly as more and more people are placing orders for this bear each and every day.

In fact the bear is so popular it is already being talked about as the Christmas toy of 2010. Every year there are queues around the block in front of all the well known department stores and internet shops are not able to keep pace with the demand for the toy of the year.

So, if you want to avoid all this unnecessary stress this year simply put your order in for Lotso Huggin Bear now. You can choose from several different versions of the bear which cater for everyone's budget. The bear can also be delivered with free shipping and there is the option to have the bear gift wrapped to avoid even more hassle.

If you are stuck for ideas Toy Story 3 gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on any kids face. The film has been a real success and has already broken box office records. I can only see the film's success continuing which will mean more and more children across the globe will want to have Lotso Bear with them this Christmas.

So, you might think Christmas gifts online is a long way off but I suggest you act early to ensure you get the toy you want.

Frances Bridger is a full time writer who writes on a range of topics. As Christmas is fast approaching she is focusing her attention on the must have toys for Christmas 2010. Find out more about one of her recent reviews of the Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin Bear also known as Lotso Hugging Bear. Make sure you buy early this year as stock always sells out fast!

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