Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Gifts - What Should I Buy This Year?

By Richard Johnstonn

Although Christmas is months away, many people will start buying gifts now which is a wonderful idea. All of my shopping is done as I started in July. It sure helps with the finances and now I can actually enjoy the season as which it is intended. But with all of the unemployment today it can be quite difficult to come up with inexpensive Christmas gift idea and still maintain a sense of well being.

So many people go overboard when buying Christmas gifts it is to me unreal. On Christmas morning around the world you can see so many gifts for the children I often wonder why so many. As a general rule, small kids will play with the box the gift came in long before they play with the actual gift. As the saying goes Christmas is for kids, yes I agree but I do not agree spending so much money on so many gifts in puts you in debt for years to come.

Coming from large families, my husband and I have limited our gift giving to one Christmas gift basket per family. If there are small children, we will buy something silly for them to have in their stocking. We have done this for many years and it seems to be alright, we don't hear any negative feedback, or the family just won't tell us. No I think they enjoy the gifts as we try to buy something that suits them and their personalities.

Starting around May of every year I sit down and make a list of everyone that we will give gifts to, including very small children. Then we will go and buy one present for each family and then we scratch off that name and go on to the next one. It is so simple to do I just don't understand why more people don't do it. We put all the gifts in a special room we have set aside just for gifts, either wrapping them then or putting their names on the gifts. This way come Christmas time all we have to do is either wrap the gift or just wait until the day to give them out.

I realize people love the maze of shopping in large crowds and complaining they don't have enough time, but to me Christmas gift is for giving and to be upset and crazy is not the way to celebrate Christ's birthday.

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