Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners - Three Christmas Gifts For Gardeners They're Sure to Love

By Sophia Darby

Once again 'tis the season for gift giving and, chances are, you've got someone on your list who is a gardener. So, what do you get a person with a green thumb? Thankfully, there are many fun and useful Christmas gifts for gardeners in just about every price range. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to get the green-thumbs up from those gardeners on your Christmas hamper delivery.

Indoor Herb Gardens

These hydroponic systems make the perfect gift for gardeners or foodies. The system grows fresh herbs, right on your kitchen counter, all year round, using just water and nutrients. In fact, these systems are so advanced they are equipped with a computerized monitor that actually tells you when your herbs need nutrients and water. Talk about fool-proof gardening.These systems grow 100% natural and organic herbs, giving the gift of good taste all year round.

Countertop Composters

Any gardener will tell you that adding compost to your garden makes for nutrient-rich soil and, as a result, some seriously healthy vegetables and flowers. The only drawback to composting is it can sometimes be an inconvenient and smelly practice. No one wants to run out to the compost bin in the backyard every time you have some veggie scraps to add to the pile and keeping those scraps in the kitchen can get a little fragrant.

Cue the countertop composter. This handy little compost keeper has a charcoal lid to keep down those unpleasant odors and is attractive enough that you won't mind keeping it right on your kitchen counter-which saves you many trips to the composter. If you have a gardener or environmentally conscience person on your gift list this gift will score huge points.

Garden Tool Sets

Give the gift of organization with one of the many gardening tool gift sets on the market. There's nothing worse than having your new plants all lined up, ready to plant, and spending half an hour rooting around in the shed for your gardening tools. You could save someone a lot of frustration with a handy gardening tool storage bag, which keeps all their tools in one easy-to-tote storage bag. Grab the bag, plant your flowers, and store the tools in the bag for next time. Sure sounds better than playing find-the-shovel, doesn't it?

If you've got a gardener on your Christmas list, consider getting them one of these handy Christmas gifts for gardeners. They'll enjoy using that handy gardening gadget and, hey, you may get some free veggies as a thank you.

Sophia Darby is an avid gardener and lover of gardening gadgets. For tips on gardening vegetables and other tasty plants, visit her blog. To find out more about the Christmas gifts for gardeners mentioned above visit her products of the month page.

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