Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Gifts For Teens

By Sarah Maria Williams

Pop Art Bags

Pop art is a colourful and fun way to convert any portrait photo for teens. There are several styles available and while they do differ they are all fun and unique. Use a photo of your teenager and have it converted with colour washes and screens before having it printed on any of a number of different styles of bag. Handbags and pouch purses are perfect for teenage girls while the tech savvy teenage boy will undoubtedly appreciate a photo laptop bag with his own pop art picture on the front.

Photo Montage Print

Use a collection of photos of the recipient and have them converted into a photo collage. The collage can be printed as a poster, ideal for their room, or as a high quality and inexpensive photo montage print. Montage designs can vary wildly and you can use a single photo as a background image for the collage or fill the canvas from border to border without the need for a background picture. You can also choose whether to include a small or large number of photos.

Photo Cubes

Photo cubes are a unique gift item and they make perfect Christmas gifts for teens because they're strong, robust, comfortable, fun, and good looking. Design every one of the six cube faces with a photo, a montage, or text. You can mix and match as you see fit and it's even possible to have a single picture or design printed over a number of the cube faces. Choose from a range of quality items, pick one or more photos of your teenager, and have them printed on Christmas hamper delivery for teens.

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