Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five Tips to Prepare Your 2009 Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a big holiday day for almost everyone, and it is not far away now. So if you want to have a wonderful holiday with less money this year, now follow the five tips to prepare your Christmas Gifts online.

Actually, if you really want to save money and also give your families or friends the best gifts, you can make some hand-made greeting cards with different styles. How to make it?

It just needs a few cardboards, double over the cardboard and cut the shape you want, like a window, a door, a hole and so on. Then take some beautiful colored papers to paste on the surface of the cardboard, and find some place to paint some beautiful pictures. Finally, write some blessing words on the inside. That's ok! Very easy, isn't it?

If you think that's very hard and time-wasting, so now follow my five tips to prepare your Christmas gifts online. There are very easy to follow.

Step One, make a budget plan of your Christmas hamper delivery.
That's to say, you should know better about how much money you will spend on Christmas gifts. Don't exceed the original budget plan if you don't want to get out of debt after Christmas holiday. And then you should strictly abide by this plan.

Step two, make a gifts' name list of Christmas shopping.
If you are afraid that you can not remember so much gifts or so many people, at this moment, you'd better take out one notebook, one pen or one pencil, and then prepare to write the names down on your notebook. For example,
Name Gifts Arrived Time Buy or not
Lily necklace (one piece)
Andrew DS Lite Console (brand new)
Jack an electric razor
Jenny Dingoo A320 Game Player ( )
Or you can list a form or a short message like that. It's very clear and informative.

Step three, collect the Christmas gifts' information from the internet.
The internet information is as vast as the ocean, how can we find the useful information quickly and exactly?

There are a few ways can help you find the information:

At first, there are some popular online shops you can buy things from them. There are Amazon, EBay, Zippos,gamestop,ishopvideogame and so on. They all have good reputation and good after service. And also there are all kinds of goods for your choosing.

Secondly, search the keywords in the search engine. The online shops are good if their products are in the front of the three pages.
For example, you want to buy a DSi console or a DS Lite with less money in this holiday. Then search"DSi console", "DS Lite", google will present you thousands of information in the front of you. You just need to pick up the information from the front three pages, that's OK.

Step four, you should shop around for the best deal with less money.
Shopping around means you should compare the shop with another one, and pick up the suitable Christmas gifts.
There are several starting points for comparison: the gifts, the descriptions, the price, the after-sale service, the delivery time and so on. You just follow this aspects, then I promise you can pick up the best Christmas gifts.

Step five, shop early and pay attention to the delivery time.
Now there is not much time left, so you'd better shop early as soon as possible. Because they need the time of collecting the information, picking up the goods, comparing the Christmas gifts, delivery time and so on.

So if you want your families or friends to get the best Christmas gifts before Christmas, you should pay much attention to the delivery time and their after-sale service. Don't receive the damaged items.

Finally, wish everybody find the best Christmas gifts and have a good Christmas!

Written by: Jamie Hanson

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  1. Giving good Christmas gifts is been my tradition every year. I would like my gifts to be useful to the person who will receive it.